The new eBoox is still free and ad-free, and it already has several new useful features.DOWNLOAD >

We have released a new version, but there is a nuance - this is not a standard update, but a new application. The new eBoox is still free and without ads, and there are new features and a cute Christmas decoration with an easter egg.

All books will be copied themselves!DOWNLOAD >

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To install a new eBoox, wait until the appropriate offer appears in your application and follow the instructions. If you clicked Later button, the offer will appear again in a few days.

DO NOT DELETE eBoox.old until you are sure that all your data and books have appeared in the new eBoox 2020.

After starting a new application (eBoox 2020), your books, progress, bookmarks and savings will be transferred automatically. Try not to interrupt the data transfer process. But if it seems to you that the process is frozen (nothing changes for 30 seconds or more), then restart both applications and the process will be continued.

If after the launch of the new eBoox 2020 you see an empty library, and in the old application a faded screen. DO NOT REMOVE eBoox.old! Uninstall eBoox 2020, then install and run it again.

If you use synchronization, then unloaded books will not be automatically transferred. They can be downloaded after enabling synchronization in the new eBoox 2020.

SYNC in the new eBoox works the same as in the old one.

To back up books before transferring data to the new eBoox, enable synchronization in your old eBoox.old and make sure that the synchronization process has completed successfully. Next, install eBoox 2020. You can always back up books to your PC via iTunes.

Can you not update? - It’s impossible, sooner or later we will make you do it, because eBoox.old has flaws incompatible with life)))

For any questions, write to us at